It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you that our beloved Dr. Per Otte has passed away on June 3rd, 2017.

As you can understand all appointments are currently canceled.

Dr. Otte’s son, Christopher Otte will continue the practice once he has received his acupuncture license and will contact you upon the continuing of the practice in the near future.

In the meantime, the specially formulated vitamins will still be available through the website.

Dr. Otte touched so many hearts both on a professional and a personal level. We would like to ask you to respect the family wishes, to go through this loss in private.

Thank you,

MicroAcupuncture Staff:
Evelyn Otte
Christopher Otte
Heather Lusk
Tina Weis

MicroAcupuncture Center of West Virginia's success rate is so high that we guarantee, that if you have no improvement after two days of treatments, there will be no charge.

MicroAcupuncture is a treatment for Eye Disorders. The needles will only be placed in the hands and feet. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are any needles placed in or around the eyes. In our 25 years of working with MicroAcupuncture, we have never seen a case where the disease has accelerated.


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glaucoma and macular degen

Today at 3:21 PM

Incredible results of micro accupuncture for my glaucoma

Sent from my iPad.  I have had glaucoma for about 14 years and although I had lost some vision , I had been relatively stable for quite a few years. Things took a huge turn for the worse 4 months ago when I had an upper respitory infection that wasn't responding to antibiotics and I was given massive doses of steroids. It spiked my eye pressure and I began rapidly losing vision. In two months I lost over double the vision it had taken me all those years to lose. I was told I had to have surgery to save what vision I had, because I was already on the maximum amount of anti-glaucoma eyedrops and laser treatment hadn't worked. After extensive reading about all the complications of the surgery and poor success rates, I was terrified to have it, especially knowing it would have to be redone in a few years even if things went well. I was told I was at the end of the road, there was nothing else to be done and I had no choice. Desperately, I started searching for other options. I found Dr. Otte's website and read all the testimonials and knew I had to try it. I had my first 5 days of treatment last week. I am thrilled with the results. What Dr. Otte does is nothing short of miraculous! before I went, I could not read the guide on the tv - now I can. i could not read road signs - now I can. My field of vision is much improved. When I returned to the surgeon who was to do my surgery, she was astounded. The improvement was so great, and my eye pressure had gone down 3 points in one eye and two in the other, even though Dr. Otte had said the treatment doesn't always reduce pressure. The surgery has been postponed indefinitely and I am one happy, happy woman right now. I shall return to Dr. Otte every 6 months, as he says I shall regain more vision and improve each time I come. I'm a believer! This treatment works. I saw with my own eyes, people who had lost huge amounts of vision due to diverse eye diseases and were regaining it, thanks to Dr. Otte. I am incredibly grateful to have discovered this amazing man and his staff.    Pauline


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