It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you that our beloved Dr. Per Otte has passed away on June 3rd, 2017.

As you can understand all appointments are currently canceled.

Dr. Otte’s son, Christopher Otte will continue the practice once he has received his acupuncture license and will contact you upon the continuing of the practice in the near future.

In the meantime, the specially formulated vitamins will still be available through the website.

Dr. Otte touched so many hearts both on a professional and a personal level. We would like to ask you to respect the family wishes, to go through this loss in private.

Thank you,

MicroAcupuncture Staff:
Evelyn Otte
Christopher Otte
Heather Lusk
Tina Weis

MicroAcupuncture Center of West Virginia's success rate is so high that we guarantee, that if you have no improvement after two days of treatments, there will be no charge.

MicroAcupuncture is a treatment for Eye Disorders. The needles will only be placed in the hands and feet. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are any needles placed in or around the eyes. In our 25 years of working with MicroAcupuncture, we have never seen a case where the disease has accelerated.

Stagard's Disease

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A new hope

Hello, my name is Dirk. I was diagnosed with Stargardt's disease when I was five years old and by the time I was eighteen I had lost all central vision in both eyes. My doctors have always told me there was nothing I could do that I had to live with it.. So I lived with it for over twenty five years until I found out about Dr. Per Otte and his treatments.. My sister and I went down in may of 2015 and began treatments. After two days we started noticing results.. Things staring coming into focus slowly a little more each day.. When I went down there my vision was 20/1400 in my left and 20/1600 in my right eye.. After two weeks of treatments my vision is 20/230 in my left and 20/250 in my right... That is a huge improvement. My eyes are not as sensitive to light anymore and they adjust to light and dark areas much quicker now. Dr. Otte and his team made my sister and I feel like family while we were down there. Always willing to help with filling out paper work or giving a ride some where. His facility is located on a beautiful piece of property. It was such an amazing experience I can't wait to go back. Dr. Otte has given me hope for a better future and better vision. Thank you Doctor and your team. See you guys soon!!!!

Dr. Otte has given me hope!!!!

I am writing to everyone out there who has Stargardt's Disease, and especially to those of you who may have lost all hope of finding a treatment. I am the youngest of 6 children, and 4 of us were born with stargardt's disease (3 girls and 1 boy). My brother and I were diagnosed at age 6, and my sister was diagnosed at age 12. It has always been unsettling watching my older siblings struggle day-to-day with their eyesight, and knowing what was to come in the future. By age 9 I was told that I would have to learn Braile because I would eventually go blind and would not be able to read print. These fears had become my reality, and I am only 24. In high school I realized that I could not attend college for what I wanted because I had lost too much vision already to persue it. Everyday has been a struggle mentally and emotionally. There has always been a part of me that could not accept the fact that I was doomed. In February 2015, I did research and found Dr. Otte, 15 hours from me. I almost couldn't believe it until I got there. My brother and I had an appointment on May 4th and we did 2 weeks of treatment. We stayed in these beautiful cabins that are a 5 minute walk from the clinic. The first night we stayed at the cabin, there was one set of lights that we had to keep off because it was too bright and painful on our eyes. After only 2 days of treatment, we both noticed that our light sensitivity had suddenly vanished!!! When I completed the 2 weeks,my visual acuity went from 20/250 to 20/160 in the left eye and 20/700 to 20/260 in the right!! My first day at the clinic, I couldn't read any lines on the eye chart with my right eye. By the time I left I was able to read 3 lines!That's a MIRACLE!! It has been 3 weeks since my last treatment and I notice new things coming into focus everyday. I can see my cell phone from further away now and it feels like my TV is getting bigger!! I remember that the light from the TV used to hurt my eyes. I could never look out a window because it was nothing but a blurry fog of light shining through. Now, the fog is gone and Depth perception has improved significantly. I have been reading things in the grocery store that I couldn't before and all colors seem to be getting brighter. I am taking the recommended vitamins and minerals to maintain vision by returning the proper nutrients to my eyes. It is also important to eat colorful foods and exercise daily. I highly recommend making an appointment with Dr. Otte and begin restoring your vision! Dr. Otte has definitely lifted my spirits and changed my life and I will continue getting treatments as often as I can. Thank you so much Dr. Otte!! You are truly an amazing person and I am greatly inspired. There is no greater feeling than being lifted from the dark and brought back into the light.
Sietske Morgan


My name is Pamela and I'd like to introduce myself as a satisfied patient of Dr.  Otte. I just recently returned home from my second visit and my vision has improved quite a bit. I was diagnosed with Stargardt's disease just about six years ago. I have been to see many doctors that told me there was nothing they could do for me and I just had to live with my vision getting worse. The one doctor even told me I had nothing to worry about because by the time my vision would get that bad I would be in my sixties and that is when normal people have problems with their eyes. Well I must inform you during that year I had a significant vision loss. I felt there had to be something I could do. I'm not the type of person to just sit around and wait for things to get worse and worse. During my research I came across Dr. Otte. I read the testimonials on his web page and I just had to make an appointment. I\'m so thankful I did. My vision keeps improving because of his treatments. I and so many of his other patients are living proof that this does work. So, please if you are having eye problems and have been to a number of doctors that tell you there is nothing you can do about it, I’m here to tell you there is something you can do! Make an appointment with Dr. Otte. He can help you!!!


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