About MicroAcupuncture Center

Dr. Per Otte, OMD. graduated from the Scandinavian School of Acupuncture in 1988 as a Doctor of Acupuncture, at this time he was also introduced to Oriental zone therapy, the forerunner for MicroAcupuncture.

He worked with this technique in its standard form until he moved to the USA in 1992. In 1994 he created the MicroAcupuncture Center and had developed a system that was about 75% successful. He also added "MicroAcupuncture Vision Support", a nutritional supplement specially developed to be a complete supplement for the eyes. The eye supplements on the current market are very simple and do not meet all the needs of what healthy eyes require.

In 2006 he developed a system that includes a homeopathic solution at the point of insertion of the needles. This gives the effect of small injections of homeopthic medication and the success rate is now over 95%.

In 2012 he developed and updated the "MicroAcupuncture Vision Support" supplements to meet the different nutritional needs of each eye disorder that require specific nutritional formulas. He has developed a vacuum boot system that focuses on improving low circulation in the legs to increase the chance of saving the feet of patients with diabetic neuropathy. These specific patients will see an increase in the effectiveness of the needles in the MicroAcupuncture treatment due to an increase of circulation.

MicroAcupuncture Center of West Virginia's success rate is so high that we guarantee, that if you have no imporvement after two days of treatments, there will be no charge.


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