A migraine is one of many forms of headaches. I have noticed that most of the migraine patients I see have the beginning of Macular Degeneration in one eye. When the center “clearness” is 10% to 20% (lower in one eye), it gives you a migraine on that side. If less than 10%, nothing happens, or if it is more than 20%, nothing happens. When people say they grow out of their migraines, it actually means that Macular Degeneration is getting worse.

I believe it comes from when the brain realizes that one eye is less clear than the other, it will start to use the eye muscles to change the focus in order to get a clear image in that eye. Now when the eye is in the beginning stages of Macular Degeneration it doesn’t get clearer and tension builds up until a migraine develops.

It is easy to see the beginning of Macular Degeneration with a vision field scanner. The center sensitivity will be different with 3 to 6 db (decibel) in value.

It is easily treated with MicroAcupuncture and MicroAcupuncture vision support capsules (ingredients see shop) which will help to keep it from returning.

If there is not an eye problem detected with the vision field scanner, the problem may be a lot of muscle tightness in the neck. This changes the circulation and creates tension in the head where a migraine can develop.

In most cases with headaches, MicroAcupuncture is an excellent choice of treatment.